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Artificial Bridal Jewelry

The Concept
artificial bridal jewellery In reality, the concept of Artificial/Costume jewelry dates back to pre-historic times when women made their own pieces of jewelry in the form of garlands of flowers for the head, neck, arms and ankles to look beautiful and attractive for their partners. This evolved to jewelry made out of clay and wood worn by women in the rural and tribal weddings and eventually we discovered different forms of metal in order to design gorgeous sets of jewelry for a new Bride.

The tradition of bridal jewelry made out of clay and wood still exists in various parts of the country, however, the market for jewelry made out of affordable metal and non-precious stones with intricate designs suitable for every kind of bridal attire and available at less than half the price of Platinum, Gold or even Silver for that matter, has completely caught up with the popular wedding industry. Today you find even celebrities flaunting their gorgeous pieces of costume jewelry.

Artificial/Costume jewelry is probably one of the most worn types of jewelry today. Everyday pieces to match outfits or to match our personalities are sought after. Fine jewelry is getting prohibitively expensive by the day for most people to buy on a regular occasion. Women want adornments to express their personality which can be mixed and matched without breaking the bank.

artificial bridal jewellery How many times would you actually wear an expensive set of jewelry that you buy especially for your wedding day, or for the smaller functions? Everyone now has become very conscious of how they look and no one likes to repeat their clothes/ jewelry/ accessories over and over again. Most women enjoy buying a variety of pieces of costume jewelry due to the latest designs available, the inexpensive nature of the product only adds to its charm. Another situation is that of the many out of station weddings which have started to happen in India. Nobody really likes to carry their expensive jewelry all the way. Artificial jewelry always comes handy at such times.

With my collection of Costume jewelry, I attempted to try and reach the Indian community globally. I wanted to help out all the brides who do not have access to ethnic jewelry at affordable prices and to those who are unable to visit India for the same. Extreme effort was put in to understand fashion trends globally and then to design products which would be appealing both to the eye and pocket.

A wedding is a very important event and today's brides are under increasing pressure to look "just perfect". An Indian bride's jewelry is a critical part of her overall look and can enhance or dull a bride's appearance, therefore, this element requires much thought and attention.

The Collection
artificial bridal jewellery The costume collection for a bride consists of a almost every kind of traditional Indian Jewelry from 'Chokhars' to pendants, to Collar Necklaces and 'Rani Haar'.

For the ears you can find Chandelier ear-rings, jhumkas, tops and sahara chains to support them (in case of heavy ear pieces).

For the Head and Hair, a bride could opt for Maang Tikkas, Matha Patti or a jhoomer/ passa.

The hands and arms could be adorned with 'hath panjas', cocktail rings, baju-bands or the traditional kangans and churis.

The ankle could be beautified by pieces of jewelry like the 'Payal' and 'Panjaas' which cover the foot.

If the bride decides to wear a Sari, she can add to the glamour of her attire by wearing anything from Sari belts, Sari Clips and Indian Brooches.

Fashion Tip: Use a heavy Indian brooch at the end of a saree pallu to weigh it down & make it hang better .. looks pretty too!

The Cost
The price of costume jewelry ranges from anything between Rs.600- 10,000/-. Heavy sets, however, come into the steeper price bracket.

  • hi... your jewelry designs are beautiful! how to get in touch with you?

  • hi... your jewelry designs are beautiful! how to get in touch with you?

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