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Bridal Make-up Tips by Namrata Soni

Bridal makeup When it comes to getting married, you want everything to be at par with the latest it the decor, the theme, your outfits..or your wedding website..just about everything. What we are often confused about, however, are the latest bridal make-up trends. Whether you plan on doing it yourself, or want to appoint somebody else to do it for you, you must know the basics of your wedding day make-up in order to get it right. You don't want to look like a master-piece of 'pop art' and neither do you want to pass off like you're dressed up for 'any other' occasion. It's your Wedding and you deserve to have the perfect bridal make-up.

We got a number of queries from our readers regarding bridal make-up trends, so we decided to speak to make-up expert Namrata Soni, a renowned make-up artist from Mumbai, to share her make-up tips with brides across the country by answering some of the important questions asked by you.

What are the latest bridal make-up trends?
"This season, Brides are straying from the pure red lips and rather opting for red with a coral-orange undertone. They seem to be getting comfortable with this shade as well as keeping up with the color for the season.

Eye liners in colors like navy blue, forest green and Gold also seem to be getting quite popular among brides this wedding season." I want to get married during the day- "If you are planning a day wedding, then you need to make sure that you make-up is way less dramatic than that of an evening wedding. You must keep your make-up light, accentuating only one feature. If it is the eyes that you plan on highlighting then apply thick eyeliner in black or blue, there's one available in Maybelline called the 'gel eye-liner' that I recommend every bride to include in her eye make-up products. Bridal makeup If it is the lips that you desire to highlight more, then you should use a brighter shade of lip color and go easy on your eyes, the 'Fatal red' lip color by Maybelline is the perfect red for the bride according to me. With a shade of bright red on your lips, you could use light gold eye-shadow on your eye-lids and a thin eye-liner in order to outline your eyes in a better manner. You should avoid shades of maroon and other such dark colors for your eye-shadow if you're planning to get married in broad daylight. You should make sure you conceal areas in your skin that need to be covered up. Use glow-enhancing make up products. The Maybelline 'dream mousse liquid foundation' is one of my favorites and you can top this up with the Maybelline 'dream matter powder'. Co-ordinate the color on your lips with the color of your outfit. To give it a more subtle/ lighter look, you can add a tinge of the color that you want and cover it up with gloss. In an Indian wedding, with all the heavy jewelry and outfits, the face of the bride tends to get washed out if not beautified properly. So make sure you have your make-up basics right at least regarding what you want and what you don't."

But I have Acne prone skin!
"If your skin is prone to acne, you must make sure you cover it up well. Use a cream based foundation and stick to you actual skin tone. The trick that I use on my clients with such skin type is that I conceal the acne prone areas and cover it up with a thin layer of foundation. The concealer makes sure that there is no redness caused due to acne".

What should an ideal pre-bridal beautification package include ?
"Besides basic waxing and threading, an ideal pre-bridal beauty package should include Hair Spa treatment, a relaxing head and body massage, manicure/ pedicure with one color of a neutral shade of nail paint throughout in order to avoid the pain of changing your nail-paint color before every ceremony. There could be a basic facial but I advise NO skin clean up right before your wedding day as it could cause an unwanted break-out. I always suggest a skin clean-up at least 20 days prior to your wedding."

Finally, we asked Namrata to give us one quote that she swears by, she said "I believe looking good starts and ends with feeling beautiful from within, make-up is simply a reflection of that beauty, embrace it, celebrate it and work it!"

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