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Rajeshwari & Alexander's Cross-Cultural Wedding

Rajeshwari & Alexander's Cross-Cultural Wedding From the Videographer

Rajeshwari & Alexander is a very unusual match, they met in New York at a Bollywood dance school and Alexander's love for Bollywood and SRK is evident in the video.

This video goes on to explain how matches are made in heaven and celebrated to the fullest on earth.

3 days of madness and celebration...

As Alex puts it in his own words... "Agar Kisi cheez ko Dil se chaho... To Poori Kayanath usse tumse Milane mein lag Jaati hai"...

After watching their love story, I am sure you would wanna get up and fall in love...

Rajeshwari & Alexander's Cross-Cultural Wedding About Romesh Dhamija Productions

Rajeshwari & Alexander's Cross-Cultural WeddingRomesh Dhamija Productions - Photo & Films, believe in capturing & creating lifetime memories for your Weddings and other events. They are a team of Photographers, Cinematographers & Editors travelling all over the world, capturing moments from your weddings and other special days. To know more, you can email them at, Facebook

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