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How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding

Congratulations! So you are starting to plan for one of the biggest celebrations of your life. As soon as you start on details, you realize that it involves a lot of preparation. You need to make various decisions starting from your wedding invitation card right upto your honeymoon & everything in between. This is where professional Wedding Planners come in and although your wedding is a reflection of your tastes and personality and you are involved with all the details; but your planner provides you with the best choices and reliable suppliers to ensure everything related to your event turns out to be great!

How to Plan a Memorable Destination WeddingPlanning a destination wedding adds its own challenges. In a destination wedding where you have lots of destination in mind along with several hotel options within each destination, it makes it extremely confusing as to what to choose and what not to. Delhi based Destination Wedding Planner; Sunaina Sharma from Memorable Indian Weddings has done many NRI and Indian weddings in India’s Palaces, Beaches and Backwaters. She shares her tips about planning a destination wedding in India.

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding

We are here to help you save time and make sure that nothing is overlooked and every element of this special day is given its due importance. We will help you organize your budget, short list locations and venues and then finalize it, menu, decor, entertainment etc. from start to finish.

The first step in planning a destination wedding in India is to choose a location and make a guest list as to who all will be invited. Some couples prefer a small intimate gathering with a few guests, while others invite a group to share their special day. Families and friends are usually welcome at destination weddings. In fact, many family and friends take advantage of destination weddings and turn them into their small family holiday trips as well. With a destination wedding, everyone is able to unwind, relax and celebrate without worrying about food, flowers or any other details. It's also important to think about the type of activities that the location has to offer to a group that may be diverse in age and physical and financial abilities.

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding

There are many things which need to be considered in a destination wedding. A few are listed below:

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding Location: Whether you prefer a Palace wedding in Rajasthan or a beach wedding in Goa or Kerala. Which location suits your guests & is easy for them to reach? How far is it from the airport? What will be the weather like in that location at the time of your wedding? These are a few important points to consider while finalizing a location. In a destination wedding, the location is usually the most important concern and we assist you in advising various locations and then zero in on one

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding Timing: This means deciding on what time of the year you want to plan your wedding. This affects your budget as there is a lean season when the prices of hotels are low and peak season when they are sky high and then there is Christmas time when the costs are at their peak. Apart from this weather also plays an important role, whether it will be hot or cold or monsoons; this will help decide on the venue wherein the event will be hosted – whether indoors or outdoors.

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding Accommodation: Whether you will be paying for the accommodation of your guests or they will be paying or you will pay for some and some will pay themselves? If a location is too expensive for the budgets of some of the guests or too difficult to get to for older family members, we find out a combination of 2-3 hotels. You may also want to chalk out plan in such a way that Brides family stays at one hotel and Grooms at other. The venues for the wedding events and the accommodation hotels should be nearbythe and may be at one place itself.

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding Venue: Whether the venue chosen is apt for your gathering, fits in your budget, does it have any venue charges; what is the permissible time for music to go on, if you want fireworks, are they allowed. There are different restrictions at various places e.g., at some hotels you may not do fireworks at all, at some you may do but with permission.

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding Suppliers: Various suppliers like the photographer, videographer, florist, DJ etc. need to be considered and booked much in advance to avoid last minute jitter. They need to be reliable and you get what you see. Especially a photographer should get involved with family in order to understand your style and taste for photography and at the same time should also fit in your budget. A DJ must understand your guests and play music as per their taste and genre.

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding Miscellaneous: And other many but important elements like Invitations, Flight bookings, Place Cards, Room Itineraries, Menus, Venue Decor and wedding set up, Menu Design, transportation, wedding gifts, souvenirs and the list goes on for a celebration like wedding.

How to Plan a Memorable Destination Wedding

By choosing a destination wedding planner you get peace of mind, access to quality vendors at great prices and a custom made look and feel for each and everything of this once in a lifetime event. We guide a couple through the entire planning process from start to finish so that the couple can enjoy the moment rather than worry about the particulars.

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