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Expressions! Get your Wedding Speeches written beautifully...

We are drivers of a high-paced shuttle where we see time pass not just by the second, but in nano seconds. A handful of social networking sites, hundreds of errands, thousands of friends that need your unbiased attention, your career and god knows what not. However, amidst all the mind boggling activity and people that we manage on a day to day basis, we tend to neglect some fairly important moments of something that’s happening while we are busy chatting or gossiping or ‘updating’, something called LIFE!

Expressions! Get your Wedding Speeches written beautifully

Whatever happened to those moments that took our breath away, moments when we felt our hearts beat, moments when our eyes let saline liquid flow down the cheeks onto smiling lips, moments that made us realize that holding hands is more satisfying and complete than anything else we could have imagined and moments where you would go out of your busy schedule just so you could make someone smile. You would agree when I say this, but today a moment is special only until it has a few 'likes' on Facebook and this is a very sorry state of affairs.

It's not a stand against social networking sites or some movement I am carrying out. But take a moment here and think of a wedding of a loved one you last attended and let it fill you in. Think of all the happy faces smiling and laughing, the valiant efforts with which people hid tears of joy, the dancing, the music, the beauty of it all and does it not leave you smiling and feel as if you are living it all again?

Expressions! Get your Wedding Speeches written beautifully

Isn’t this memory reason enough to do something unique and special at your loved one’s wedding the next time? Isn’t it reason enough to make more memories that will last you for a lifetime? Isn’t it reason enough to tell your loved ones how much you love them and that, their happiness is all you ask for? I definitely think so. And this is the whole and sole reason of this blog being written to make an appeal to encourage every single one of you reading this to make an attempt to express yourself at weddings, to express yourself to the bride or the groom and re-live with them fond memories.

I believe that words can help you see and touch love, it takes you a little bit closer and more importantly tells someone, that life as you know it wouldn’t be the same without them.

How about you standing on a dais with a speech on a piece of paper, you look into the eyes of the bride or the groom and tell them all that you feel on this special day of their lives? Wouldn’t the feeling of seeing them smile with every word you speak just be unparalleled? It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to speak about the people who you have known for so long and through words, toast the fresh beginnings of their life, would it?

Expressions! Get your Wedding Speeches written beautifully

Don’t let your inhibitions get in the way of making a huge moment that may leave an everlasting impact on everyone in attendance. We understand your fears, but the occasion demands it. The occasion demands you to speak of love and to spread it. Who knows, the speech may bring in its wake, a heroic moment. You may be remembered not for the words later, but for the moment you created through those words.

Expressions come at an affordable price, but the results of those expressions are priceless. So, don’t let the time fly, seize the moment, seize the day. Unless you actually try it out yourself you will never know what you are missing. The next time you ask your wife out to dinner, put in a surprise note and leave a rose by its side. Let the note carry a small compliment. And if the wives are reading this, well, write a note and leave the car keys by the remote control. Let the note just say, “It was your turn to cook today, but since I love you and you've had a long day, we’re going out for dinner.”

For the rest, take a cue and pick that pen up. Get in touch with your heart and let the words flow.

Expressions! It’s like adding salt to a great dish, watering a garden of beautiful roses. Without it, even the best of things lose their charm. Don’t let the charm go away. Express!

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