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All your Wedding Planning Queries Answered by Divya & Vithika

All your Wedding Planning Queries answeredDivya and Vithika believe that no detail is too small for your big day. And we completely agree with their ideology! So what does it take to get everything going smoothly for the couple as they take on the exciting task of planning their wedding. We spoke to Bangalore based Wedding Planners, Divya & Vithika, who with their professional experience & industry knowledge gave us some brilliant insights into the entire business of planning your 'Big Fat Indian Wedding'. Read on...

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered myShaadi: Can you give us 5 'top of the mind' (or most important) things to be planned for your upcoming wedding?

D & V:

Venue: The two most important questions to ask yourself before you go ahead and book a venue is approximately how many guests will be attending and what is my budget? In India where we follow astrological calendars to determine auspicious days for the wedding there is a big rush to book the venue as soon as the dates have been decided. But please answer these very important questions before you go ahead and book a venue.

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered

Invitations: An invitation card holds and reflects a lot of information therefore it is important that you spend some time and effort in choosing a card that is right for you. The good news in that invitation cards are more about creativity and can cost as much or as little as you want it to.

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered

Food: The first word that comes to mind when thinking of an Indian wedding is food. No Indian wedding is complete without a feast to treat your guests. As a host of your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that your guests have the best food possible.

Photography and Videography: What better way to relive your special day with your loved ones for years to come. These pictures are a cornerstone of what future generations look to as their legacy. It is extremely important that you have a good team of photographers and videographers to cover every detail of your wedding.

Makeup and Hair for the Bride: Every bride deserves to look and feel her best on the wedding day. A professional hairstylist will make your hairstyle looks good from every angle while a makeup artist knows how to bring out your best features by highlighting and contouring in the right places to make you look your best.

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered myShaadi: What exactly is the role of a Wedding Planner and how soon should a couple start the planning process?

D & V: A wedding is a lifetime commitment; an exchange of vows; a bonding of families, a new beginning. It is a parent’s lifelong vision for their children and also a couple’s stepping-stone to a new life, new promises and their dreams.

Planning a wedding however comes with a lot of stress, in-numerous coordination, and intense anxiety. The planning process is also very time consuming. Traditionally a wedding involved the support and input of the family and extended family members. Today, families have become more nuclear and more widespread. Brides and grooms are opting for newer ideas, interesting and novel concepts and new formats of styling a wedding. Latest entertainment ideas, innovative designs, trendy couture, varied cuisines; hi-tech decorations have become the vogue and nuance of today’s weddings. With the service and support of a professional wedding planner, it is now possible to conduct the wedding of your dreams, without the added stress.

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered

Some couples start planning as early as a year before their nuptials. This is especially important if you are having a wedding in a city or even country different to the one you reside in. Six months prior to the wedding is a good time to start putting things in place if you are getting married in the same city that you reside in.

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered myShaadi: Is the western concept of 'theme based weddings' slowly gaining popularity? Have you recently planned any such interesting wedding?

D & V: We think theme based weddings have always been a part of Indian weddings. It’s just that our themes vary from the western concept of themes. Whiles westerners choose beach themes, vintage themes or color based themes we in India are more inclined to elephants, peacocks, lotus etc. We incorporate a lot of themes in our weddings. We have done everything from a 'dabang style baraat' to a 'fashion show themed sangeet' and everything in between.

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered myShaadi: How are Destination Weddings different and what does the planning entail (briefly)?

D & V: A destination wedding allows you and your guests to travel somewhere exotic and fabulous, where everyone can enjoy a wedding and have a relaxing vacation all at the same time. Destination weddings make for beautiful wedding photos, are super fun and unique!

However being armed with the right information is crucial to planning a destination wedding. Make sure you choose the right season for your nuptials. Don’t assume Goa is always gorgeous year-round. Rainy season makes marrying in Goa dicey from June to September, and Italy can be uncomfortably hot in July and August

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered myShaadi: Do planners take care of doing things within the budget? How can couples today minimize their wedding expenditure?

D & V: The first thing we do as wedding planners is sit down with the family and help them with their budgets. We then not only find the best vendors in their price range but also work closely with these vendors to create the desired look and feel for the wedding.

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered

Please read our blog to get idea’s on where and how to save on your wedding expenses

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered myShaadi: Lastly, any new wedding planning trends you would like to comment on...

D & V: Technology will play a huge role in how couples will share their most precious moments with friends and family around the world. If a loved one cannot attend a wedding, live –streaming the wedding will allow front row access to near and dear ones. Tools and apps like Pinterest provide creative ideas while social media continues to bring the bride and vendor closer. From using Facebook or e-invites to invite your family and friends, to creating your personalized wedding websites, technology is becoming an integral part of weddings.

'Save the date' - Whilst popular in the west it is a new concept in India. More and more couples are choosing save the dates for the practicality it offers and the fun you can have with it. In India where we don’t believe in sending invitations more than a month in advance it is especially a great idea to send save the date while you work on the main invite and all the details of how to integrate it into your over all wedding décor.

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered About Divya Vithika Wedding Planners

All your Wedding Planning Queries answered

Regarded amongst India’s leading wedding planners Divya-Vithika Wedding Planners started in the year 2009. Since then they have done some wonderful events creating a lifetime of memories for couples from all around the world. They are based in Bangalore, India.

Divya and Vithika believe that no detail is too small for your big day. With their professional experience and industry knowledge they help conceptualize, design, organize and co-ordinate the sequence of events together for the smooth flow of your special day. Usually they do a wedding from the beginning to end. Starting from wedding invitations to the honeymoon travels and everything in between. This gives them control over the quality of various events and activities that are planned.

Their approach to work is "every client is unique and so must be their wedding". Their weddings have been as small as 200 guests and as large as 11,000 people.

Please visit their website to know more.

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