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The Bidaai Ceremony

It's all Fun & Laughter for the family & friends till the Wedding Day finally arrives. Days prior to the wedding are filled with joy, humour singing & dancing and mixed emotions for all. It is the coming together of the family members & friends from all over the country and abroad that makes this celebration so special and memorable for the bride & groom.

While the Pre-wedding events include everything from family dinners, sangeet, youngster's party (being the newest trend), mehendi, haldi and much more, it is the Wedding Day when the reality of the coming together of the two people and families actually sets in. It is a solemn ceremony where the bride & groom commit their lives to being with each other and getting bound in an everlasting beautiful relationship. For the parents of the couple, it is an extremely emotional moment. Especially for the bride's parents as the bride's father gives away her daughter's hand into the hands of this young man who he trusts to take care of her & love her lifelong. The term 'Kanyadaan' is used in the Indian Marriage rituals when the father transfers his rights & duties to the groom.

And then comes the 'Bidaai', the time for the bride to officially leave her place of birth, her home, her loved ones and go to a new home & life that awaits her. In a traditional Bidaai ceremony, the bride is taken to her home after the pheras & kanyadaan where she is accompanied by her close family and friends. She is given a thali full of rice & some coins and as she proceeds outside towards the doorstep, she throws handfuls of rice & coins over her head....with a very heavy heart. She hugs all her loved ones and bids a final farewell as they cry with mixed emotions of giving her away & at the same time blessing her a happy married life.

The father of the bride finally takes her to the car or the Doli and hands her to the groom... she sits in the car & her brothers push the car ahead while the family members look ahead till the car is finally out of sight...

Below is a video that captures the true emotions & feelings of a family during a bidaai ceremony...

The Bidaai Ceremony by Tonmoy Saha

Video Shot by : Tonmoy Saha

The Bidaai Ceremony by Tonmoy Saha About the Video

This was shot in Pune. The Bidaai is one of those moments where no matter what kind of wedding, arranged/love, everyone sheds a tear or two, and this is probably that moment when the fun part of the wedding takes a pause and the seriousness of parting the near and dear ones takes over. Shooting such moments is tough because firstly the people featuring do not like facing camera with a crying face, so the camera needs to be dynamic changing positions constantly and also the frames must be in sync. what makes it tougher is if its a smiling shot and you miss it you can ask everyone to do a say cheese again but you miss them crying you cant ask them to cry again fro the camera.

The Bidaai Ceremony by Tonmoy Saha About Tonmoy Saha

The Bidaai Ceremony by Tonmoy SahaTonmoy has been shooting stills for 5+ years now & shooting documentaries and wedding films for a year now. He has done cinematography for few documentaries and short films and has conducted Photography and Digital Film making workshops at various Forums, including "Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode". He makes Exotic and Exclusive Wedding films which are very much custom made as every couple, their story and wedding is exclusive. Facebook

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