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Exclusive interview on Bridal Make-Up with Ojas Rajani

Exclusive interview on Bridal Make-Up with Ojas RajaniAll you brides-to-be just got really lucky!! Guess who we caught up with for getting you some amazing insights into Bridal Make-up, Hair & Skin-care.....none other than Ojas Rajani, ace make-up, hair and fashion stylist who has been styling celebrities for the last 11 years! His client-list includes Dhirubhai Ambani's granddaughter, Nayantara Kothari, who recently tied the knot with Shamit Bhartia in a billion dollar style wedding.

We went on to talking about what goes into creating a glowing bride ready to shine on her D-Day!

Exclusive interview on Bridal Make-Up with Ojas Rajani

myShaadi: How important is it to choose one's Bridal make-up artist well in advance and also take a trial make up with him/her?

Ojas: Make sure you book the artist 6 months prior to the wedding. A lot of artists these days are busy with fashion shoots in and outside the country or they are travelling for bridal make-ups throughout the year. So if you have someone specific in mind, make sure you contact them 6 months in advance. I personally don't support trial make-ups as such, but yes, it's very important to meet and get familiar with the bride-to-be. It's what I call the 'prepping time' wherein I look at a bride's skin & hair, make suggestions like 'growing the hair', 'fixing the eyebrows' in case they are not in shape...and so on. A bride may have acne prone skin, hair damage and many other issues which need to be looked into well in time before the wedding..

Exclusive interview on Bridal Make-Up with Ojas Rajani

myShaadi: What's your take on the much in demand 'Air-Brush Make-up' for brides?

Ojas: Honestly speaking air-brush make-up is a great option but mostly for brides getting married in cooler is definitely not water-proof and given the fact that the bride has to sit in the mandap in front of the fire for a long duration, it could totally run down leaving no scope for a touch-up! There is also crying and other factors, so all included, manual make-up done by an artist who knows how to blend his foundation well totally works! So for long hours, air-brush make-up is a no-no.

myShaadi: Is matching the make-up with the outfit still the norm among brides?

Ojas: Definitely not! Infact, modern brides are much more experimental and bold with their look today. They like to try out new things, for instance 'smokey eyes' is 'the look' for brides this season. They like big fancy hair, western inspired looks....a lot depends on the theme of their wedding and other parties. It could be bollywood inspired make-up or even a Marilyn Monroe look!

Exclusive interview on Bridal Make-Up with Ojas Rajani

myShaadi: What about Hairdos? Is the 'bun' still the most popular style?

Ojas: Definitely not anymore. Buns have mostly gone and been replaced by a lot of waves, updoes & other fancy hollywood inspired styles along with beautiful maathapatti and maantikas which are the mark of a traditional Indian bride...

myShaadi: How has Bridal make-up evolved in the last few years for you as a artist, what changes have you noticed?

Ojas: With internet research, brides now come with an open mind, ready to experiment with new looks. They get references, inspirations from the west and have a good idea about the artist and his work portfolio as well. This makes the job so much easier and allows you to have fun while working with the client. And it definitely shows on the bride's face when she is happy with her make-up artist and the final look!

Exclusive interview on Bridal Make-Up with Ojas Rajani

About Ojas Rajani

Ojas Rajani is a Make-up, Hair & Fashion Stylist who studied commerce in college and also topped ICWA course giving up a well-paying job to study hair and make-up styling in Miami School of Design, U.S.A. He has been styling celebrities for past 11 years & has specialized in dramatic eye make-up. As a fashion stylist some of his clients were Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit and Pooja Bhatt.

He had also styled Mariah Carey, Britney Spears & Ishaa for an international award night.Website

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