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Exotic Wedding Reception Cakes!

Exotic Wedding Reception Cakes!

Weddings are a big affair in India, not only for the couple in question but also their family and close friends. Wedding and reception cakes are a huge craze in India today, even though they are not a part of the traditional Indian wedding ceremonies.

Wedding cakes not only add another dimension and flavour to the wedding menu, but also prove to be a show-stopping center piece. Wedding cakes in India, though a borrowed concept from the west, unlike the west are vibrant and colourful and not just restricted to the traditional white.

Indian brides and sometimes even grooms are experimenting with not only all types of colours but also unique designs and concepts.

We spoke to 'Exotic Cakes and Desserts', New Delhi who endeavour to make the couple's special day even more special and memorable. Each of their cakes is handcrafted with patience, love and attention to the tiniest details. Showcased below are some of their exquisite sweet creations for some Indian Weddings...

The Sweetheart Wedding Cake

The sweetheart wedding cake, one of their favourites till date was commissioned to celebrate a double occasion. Ordered by the bride for her sangeet function which also coincided with her brother’s Birthday, the cake was a combination of traditional and modern with white, pink and red as the colour theme. The blend of trends was reflected in the flavours as well with the top and bottom tier being a classic combination of dark moist chocolate mud cake with chocolate truffle filling and the middle tier a light chocolate genoise with hazelnut filling. The entire cake was covered with Marzipan and the even the roses were made of the same and thus were “ plucked off and eaten by guests” as described by the bride.

Exotic Wedding Reception Cakes!

The Red White Rose Vine Cake

Ordered by the bride and groom together, the cake was classic dark chocolate mud cake with whipped cream in the bottom layer and vanilla genoise with blueberry filling the middle and top tier. The bride wanted something classic and elegant yet not to starkly white and therefore decided to go with little hearts all over the cake to represent their love and the eternal promises of marriage

Exotic Wedding Reception Cakes!

The Roses and Heart Cupcake Tower

The beautiful cupcake tower was a grand 7 tiered cake in the form of tiny cupcakes. Ordered by the groom who lives in Canada for his reception dinner in Delhi, the cake consisted of a top tier of a chocolate ferrero rocher cake and 6 tier of Cupcakes in rose and raspberry and dark chocolate truffle flavours.

Each of the cupcakes was decorated with hearts and edible roses and later given a return favours to the guests.

Exotic Wedding Reception Cakes!

The Spa Cake

The Spa cake was gift from the sister-in laws of the bride for the mehendi function which also coincided with the bride’s birthday. It depicts a girl at a spa being pampered and getting ready for her special day. The cake inscribed with special message “get ready for your piya” was pure dark moist chocolate cake with ferrero rocher filling.

Exotic Wedding Reception Cakes!

Some other Cakes done by Exotic Cakes & Desserts

The Peacock wedding cake

Peacock inspired cakes are quite popular in Indian weddings as peacock is the national bird of India. Ordered by the bride’s mother as a surprise for her daughter’s special day the cake was completely eggless. Being traditional they wanted a cake that was not white yet classic and “not over the top”. The cake was an eggless chocolate genoise with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry filling it was classic elegant and yet essentially Indian.

The Dancing Couple

The Dancing couple was commissioned by a couple to celebrate their first anniversary. A purely western design chosen by the wife it consisted of a literally a waterfall of roses done the side of the cake. Adding to the fairy tale was the topper of a dancing bride and groom that reminded them of their wedding day a year back. The cake was vanilla with raspberry on the top and chocolate truffle on the bottom layer and covered with white fondant and gumpaste roses.

Customisation and price: While almost all cakes are customised to the last detail possible, time may prove to be a limiting factor. We suggest you get in touch with them atleast a month to 3 weeks in advance to create you dream cake. While the smaller less intricate cakes cost upward of Rs 5000, the larger cakes can sometimes go up to almost a lakh.

About Exotic Cakes and Desserts

Exotic Wedding Reception Cakes!Exotic Cakes and Desserts ( ECD) is Dessert and Chocolate boutique born out of passion and the love of both Chocolate and Desserts. Born in 2007, ECD specializes in customised cakes and occasion desserts. Each of their cakes are customised according to clients specifications and painstakingly handcrafted sometimes over weeks. Their bakery and desserts use the finest quality chocolates, cream and fruits to make your special occasions more memorable.Facebook Page,Website

Contact Details - Phone: +91 9910009557, 8510009557; email:

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