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Monica & Abhijeet's Colourful Kannadiga Wedding Video!

From the Videographer

We all believe that matches are made in heaven. We merely celebrate this coming-together in a colorful and joyous way and call it a wedding. Monica and Abhijeet are one of the sweetest couples we have met. Wedding is a day when there is a lot going on in the couple's mind which shows up as nervousness on the bride & groom's faces. But with Monica and Abhijeet, we did not have to instruct the duo on anything. The smiles were naturally flowing throughout the wedding. The moment one sees them together, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are just made for each other.

Their wedding was an arrangement amidst the beautiful green ambiance of a resort in Bangalore. The rituals were organized in a beautiful cascade of typical South Indian wedding and a elegant walk through reception.

Through this video, we have tried to sew together some of the best moments from the day. We hope you enjoy these 6 minutes.

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