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Your Guide to Bridal Air Brush Make-Up & much more!

Dear Brides-to-be, are you confused about your Wedding day look ?? With so many make-up artists and varieties of products & techniques like 'Air Brush Make-up' now available in the market, it's natural for you to face great dilemma regarding your final choice!

Make-Up and Grooming expert, Yani Srivastava guides you through this decision by providing some very useful insights into the world of Bridal Make-Up..

Foundation decision

Your Guide to Bridal Air Brush Make-Up & much more! Its very important for a bride to look good on her D day but because of the hype that Air Brush makeup has created now a days, a lot of brides ask for it. But first, its very important for one to know how different it is from the traditional makeup.

Airbrush makeup is a much finer product, thinner than a traditional foundation. Because it comes out as a spray, it very closely mimics the way cameras see your face. Think of it as tiny little pixels being applied as opposed to a big block of color. Also, it makes blending very easy. Carrying it down to the neck and shoulders is smooth and seamless.

The drawback : Because it is so fine, it only works best on skin that is already in pretty great condition and should never be applied heavily.

Traditional foundation is more opaque, and has a richer coverage. Also, because the finish is in hand-blending, you can work the product into skin that may have some texture issues, filling in all the nooks. It allows you to be more involved, more detailed, because you don't have to worry about ruining a finish since the finish is largely contingent upon your skill as an artist and not a machine.

Myths attached to Air-Brush Make-Up

Myth 1: Airbrush Makeup will make me flawless

Any makeup can make you the prettiest version of yourself you can be, it doesn't have to be airbrush and there are many times it isn't The correct application for your own personal needs is more important. Its much more important that you hire a great artist than an artist solely based on if they airbrush or not.

Myth 2: Airbrush Makeup is waterproof

Well, there are a few makeup lines that are water resistant, but it has nothing to do with whether or not is comes out of an airbrush gun. And, when makeup is water resistant, it comes with its own set of problems.

Myth 3: Airbrush Makeup is good for bad skin

No. Airbrush makeup is WAY too thin to be used as a foundation for acne, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, or dry skin. At best, it may be used as a fine finish on top of a traditional foundation simply to give it a finer finish once most of the work has been done.

Your Guide to Bridal Air Brush Make-Up & much more!

Eye shadow selection

Indian brides wear strong bridal colors unlike a western bride who wears soft ivory colors on her D day. The colors on the eyes need not be exactly matching the outfit but can be contrasting colors too. However we should try our level best on not applying Blue or Green eyeshadows. They can look too jarring and strong ! Golds/ peach/ even pinks/ Browns/ bridal red eyeshadows are a safer bet and shall look good on an Indian bride but again, let me not generalize here. If you as a bride want to put green on the eyes.. I would say go for it .. cause you know you will carry it off !!!

Also, sometimes soft glitter/ shimmer (over the eye shadows) make a good statement...

Your Guide to Bridal Air Brush Make-Up & much more!

Before the wedding

A pre-bridal package is now available with most of the good salons. They take care of you from head to toe. Facials and hair spas are the most important part of the entire deal. Facials really help your skin and gives you the natural glow that you require when you are not wearing makeup. If you are on a dusky or wheatish side, go for 24 carat gold facial, if you are on the fairer side, try silver / pearl facials.. Your beauticians will be the best judge and will help u in the selection cause some facials don't go well with all skin types.

Hair spas give you the hydration, repair and shine that you look for! This treatment is good for your hair before your wedding and even after because there will be tons of products that will be used on your hair on your D day, heating equipment and yes, the teasing and the back combing ! It sure requires some care post all of that.

A short makeup Course

It's a good idea to do a 10-12 hrs course on makeup, any shorter course would give you an idea but not the practice that you need. This course comes handy when you have to get ready for smaller functions before & other occasions after the wedding. A general idea that is given during these courses are -how to choose a right foundation, how to contour your face, how to touch up your makeup, what colors suit you, how to do a day / night makeup , may be 2-3 looks, how to buy the right makeup. Basically you should be able to do good makeup independently.

Photography by Lucky Malhotra,

Designer for Bridal Wear: Sadia Sayeed

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