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Eat right before your wedding

Its time for your Big day's special outfit's fittings, you try it on..and oops !!...the lehenga you placed an order for according to your own fittings 1 month ago..doesn't seem to fit right anymore :(.. Your wedding is a month away, and you've got inches to lose. There's no big deal in that, you just need to start eating right !

With dedication and favorable bodily conditions, you can lose up to 3 kgs in a month at an average. Through a negative calorie balance, you lose weight overall and the excess fat in the form of flab in the different problem areas is also taken care of through 'inch loss'.

balanced dietI do not, however, prescribe 'crash diets', as these normally allow the intake of 700-1000 calories only. You should instead opt for a diet plan that involves having a balanced diet. It is a myth that one should skip or restrict meals in order to lose weight quickly. This in fact is very harmful as it could lead to problems like acidity or gastritis. It is very important to know that when your body does not get enough calories to burn for its biological functions, it tends to start burning the energy required to perform day to day activities, and this can lead to weakness and a number of related health problems. The reality is that you must keep eating, small but frequent meals. Indian diets traditionally have always been healthy with the right combination of greens, pulses and grains. An ideal diet for an Indian bride-to-be should involve easily available, seasonal, economical, normal Indian home-cooked food. Consuming frequent meals along with staying active in your day to day life, increases your metabolism and this prevents fat retention.

Another myth is that 'staying vegetarian' helps in reducing weight. The reality is that whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, as long as you eat right and do not consume unnecessary calories, you will be fine.

Consuming hot/warm water, lots of juices, soups and other fluids etc etc are not what I suggest for pre-bridal weight loss. 8-10 glasses of water at room temperature works just right for any kind of body type. Excess of anything at all is not required.

There is not one diet that can be applied universally. Every body is different from the other in terms of type, age, metabolism, health etc. For example, some require a higher amount of protein intake while some need to cut down on it. What remains common to all however is eating 5-7 meals throughout the day in small quantities in equal intervals. It is always considered wise to understand your own body type by penning down all your bodily strengths and flaws and then discussing it with an expert in order to chart out the right diet for you. Remember, a diet that worked out for your friend a month before her wedding, need not work out for you. So, find a diet plan that is custom made for you keeping in mind all the essentials and requirements of your body that you make a list of.

These diets plans do not require working out in a gym or any other form of intensive work outs. They simply require dedication, and with a new type of diet plan for every week, they are easy to follow and keep up with the demands of your taste buds. Food supplements are not advisable as it is important to lose weight through a natural process so that it is easy to maintain even when you are not consulting a dietitian.

Most brides come to me asking for diets that make their skin glow and add shine to their hair along with the weight loss. All of this happens automatically when one starts eating right.

"Fit is beautiful. Stay natural, stay fit"

  • All these tips are so useful and precious to the prospective brides. I'm in love with this site. Just want to know if I can get some personalized advice from the experts regarding my look and accesories. Thank you


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