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Dr.Shikha Sharma's Healthy Pre - Wedding Diet Plan for Couples

Dr.Shikha Sharma's Healthy Pre - Wedding Diet Plan for Couples Make-up and Designer wear have reached an interesting high and can make every couple look “ooh-la-la” on the wedding podium. But, Dr. Shikha Sharma insists that it is important to be beautiful from inside. She is of the opinion that marriage is a new phase and lifestyle takes a new twist post wedding. It is important that both bride and groom pay extra attention to their health.

Diet plays an important role in shaping you up and this article discusses the need and importance of a healthy diet pre-wedding for both bride and groom.

Dr.Shikha Sharma's Healthy Pre - Wedding Diet Plan for Couples

Your D-Day is around the corner. While you must be pre-occupied with preparations of every tiny detail, Dr.Shikha Sharma reminds you not to forget the trivial needs of your body. She suggests that you make a special diary for your health. Let us help you begin:


Your skin radiates your inner beauty. A healthy skin glows with health. A blemish free, healthy looking skin will definitely grab eye-balls. You need to ensure that you are eating right for your skin.

Firstly, get your fluids by drinking water, juice, and caffeine-free tea and coffee and by eating soups. Skin tissue needs rehydration to look plump and healthy.

Secondly, eat low glycemic index foods. To prevent acne and breakouts, avoid sugars, starches, potatoes and desserts. Foods that are high on the glycemic index are loaded with carbohydrates and can worsen acne, aggravate rashes, and speed the breakdown of collagen in your skin, not to mention that they can cause you to become bloated and to store fat.

Dr.Shikha Sharma's Healthy Pre - Wedding Diet Plan for Couples

Thirdly, as suggested by Dr. Jessica Wu, Dermatologist; it is important that you consume lots of antioxidants. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, and green tea. Stock up on bright colored fruits, berries and dark leafy greens the next time you go to the market. For beta-carotene, drink plenty of carrot juice and try to eat at least one sweet potato a week. You can even enjoy dark chocolate. Look for minimally processed cocoa and chocolate for the highest concentration of protective antioxidants to help fight free radical damage.

Healthy fats are also an important part of a diet for beautiful skin. Eat plenty of omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, dark green vegetables, and flaxseed. Drinking water and fresh vegetable juices with gooseberry can help to keep the skin hydrated and prevent a dull complexion.


Dr.Shikha Sharma's Healthy Pre - Wedding Diet Plan for Couples

Dr. Shikha Sharma provides simple solution to beautiful hair. You need to have enough protein in your diet to support hair growth as more than 90 percent of your hair is made up of protein. Foods such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products are high in protein. Vegetarians can get protein from plant sources such as soybeans, seeds, and nuts. Indian diet is rich in dals and lentils which are healthy form of protein. Beta-carotene encourages hair growth and prevents hair loss. Dark green leafy veggies, carrots, pumpkin are important in diet. Broccoli, sweet potato is to increase your Vitamin A levels in diet. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron. It also helps keep your blood vessels healthy, helps prevent hair breakage, and promotes hair growth.


A fat belly is not very appealing for a young bride or a groom. It is important that at least three months before your wedding; you should focus on eating foods that help you lose weight from your belly. Dr. Shikha Sharma is of the opinion that a dietitian can help you customize a diet as per your body type but you can start by following these recommendations. Say no to sugar and sweets for ‘good’. Eat at least two seasonal fruits in a day. Lunch should be wholesome and filling as the main meal of the day. Recognize your hunger time and pack your healthy snack accordingly. Exercising is very important to tone up the body.

Dr.Shikha Sharma's Healthy Pre - Wedding Diet Plan for Couples

Besides, physical beauty it is essential that you take care of inner health. Building a good digestive system is important so that your gut can handle all that wedding planning stress and not to mention food that follows post wedding. Yogurt and buttermilk are rich in probiotics that maintain a healthy gut. Have a lot of these along with sipping on coconut water instead of sweetened beverages.

As the lifestyle, environment and daily routine changes entirely post wedding, it is important that you build your inner stamina from the beginning. Try and get a goodnight’s sleep and wake up early. Exercise a bit and allow time to relax, do yoga and mediate. Eat some dry fruits, roasted peanut and sprouts as evening snacks and try detox yourself by fasting, once a week.

About Dr.Shikha Sharma

Dr.Shikha Sharma's Healthy Pre - Wedding Diet Plan for CouplesDr. Shikha Sharma is the founding Managing Director of the company Nutri-Health Systems. Although, a qualified medical expert she is passionate about holistic weight loss and nutritional wellbeing. Her vision to start up wellness and weight management centers across New Delhi has seen successful conceptualization of Nutri-Health Systems.

Her writing skills are appreciated by National Dailies like Hindustan Times, The Times of India Indian Express, India today, Femina and Cosmopolitan, to name a few. Her celebrity presence is also acknowledged by her frequent presence as an expert on different TV Channels like STAR TV, CNBC, NDTV, ZEE TV, SAHARA TV and Home TV. Website

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