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Get the perfect smile for your W-day

On your special day when you want to look your best from head to toe, don't forget those pearly whites. A lovely smile adds charm, enhances beauty and is an invitation to get someone to know us.

couple smiling Acquiring a good smile is easier than you think!

Dental Problems like ugly cavities ,dark and dull teeth, oddly positioned teeth, bad breathe, gummy smiles, gaps between the teeth .. all this can be a thing of the PAST and can be exchanged for attractive good looks on your wedding day. Advances in the field of dentistry now provide solutions that can make the smile look healthy and attractive, but at the same time not make it appear too 'fabricated and artificial'.

I am elaborating on a few dental enhancements that can visibly make a difference not only in your appearance but in your spontaneity and self-confidence, which are essential building blocks in any new beginning.

To begin with, it is essential to get rid of the plaque that builds up. This ensures good gum health, removes external stains and eliminates bad breathe (provided the cause is bad oral hygiene). Just getting a CLEANING can do wonders to your oral health.

Teeth Whitening is possible with a simple BLEACHING procedure that can lighten and brighten your smile for your wedding day. It is a non-invasive procedure with instant results. In this a bleaching agent is applied over the visible (in a smile) teeth and activated with a light. When cleaned the teeth appear lighter. Minor discolorations, white spots, yellow teeth can be corrected with this procedure and in a matter of hours you get white teeth!

TOOTH JEWELRY has become quite a rage and is gaining its popularity among brides these days, only this is painless and involves no drilling of the tooth. A semi-precious stone or a metal charm (of your preference) is glued to the preferred front tooth and voila! you have a sparkle in your smile! These charms can well be removed by a dentist with zero damage to your tooth.

In case you have cracks on your teeth, worn out teeth, discolored teeth, gaps between teeth .. a professionally designed SMILE (SMILE MAKEOVER) can be the solution. Sometimes designing a smile involves only reshaping the teeth, sometimes it involves for the teeth to be crowned, while most of the times dental veneers seem to be the best solution. Where the teeth are crowded or the malocclusion is significant BRACES (orthodontic treatment) would be the ideal solution. Braces cause movement of teeth over time and hence needs prior planning.

DENTAL CROWNS cover the entire tooth, and can be used to replace missing teeth in a bridge form. The newer ALL CERAMIC CROWNS tend to look more like the natural tooth and adds to the appeal.

DENTAL VENEERS are thin porcelain shells which are stuck onto the tooth using special dental cement. It requires minimal preparation of the tooth/teeth. The smile enhancements are almost immediate.

In some cases the pink-white ratio (gum vs teeth) is unpleasant. Gummy smiles or the gumline discrepancy can be surgically corrected to reveal an improved smile.

There are indeed many ways to improve one's smile but we should never forget that in reality a beautiful smile can only come from within.

"A beautiful SMILE is the ultimate accessory!"

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