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Kanika & Devrath's Stunning Wedding Video by "The Wedding Filmer"

From the Videographer

I have known Devrath since we worked together on Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. almost 7 years ago, when he was Assistant Director and I was a visual effects supervisor. He always came across as an extremely earnest and very funny guy who had the knack of making people laugh no matter how stressful the shoot. We'd lost touch since then.

A couple of months ago we connected again when he was in New York and he told me he was getting married and would love for me to film it just like I filmed my own wedding.

The man who came to my studio to meet me was so much more than just that funny, endearing young boy I'd known. Just the way he spoke about this girl called Kanika was so special. I could see instantly he was utterly smitten. And when I met Kanika I could see why. They were just so perfect for each other. He's funny, she lights up the room when she smiles, he's always stealing glances at her, making sure she's okay, she just lets him be and gives him the space to be as crazy as he can be, she just goes with the flow of his excitement to live each moment to the fullest. That to me seemed like true love right there.

Shooting their film over the days of their wedding was an education for me in how weddings should truly be. Nothing should matter more than how much you mean to each other and what this day means to you. Kanika and Devrath showed me just that. All I did was film it the best I could.

I was so overwhelmed with the film that I decided to record a song just for them along with an exclusive background score. "Din Shagna Da" a beautiful Punjabi folk couplet was rendered acoustically using Bollywood musicians and technicians. The song has become so popular that people are going into Planet M and Rhythm House asking for it!

About "The Wedding Filmer"

Creating a lifetime full of happy memories and making your Big Day even Bigger, 'The wedding filmer' Vishal Punjabi captures your wedding it turning it into a Real life Fairytale! With over 10 years in the entertainment business, the Wedding Filmer draws on a huge pool of bollywood and fashion talent to meet every need of yours. Vishal travels with his team to all destinations, they shoot in all weather and landscapes (including underwater!) and give you a trailer, a full film (30-90 mins long) and hours and hours of rushes to watch over and over again.

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