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The Ultimate 'Bridal Tip Sheet' - Clothes, Jewellery, Make-up, Grooming!

Every girl dreams of having a perfect wedding. And in every wedding it is “the Bride” that remains the point of attention for everyone. Therefore, it becomes very important for the bride to look her best and stunningly beautiful. From clothes to jewellery or makeup, one needs to take care of every bit to make sure that, on her wedding, she looks nothing less than Perfect!

One must keep these few, but very important tips to achieve the said purpose. Please continue reading...


Never buy your trousseau too early before marriage. At a maximum, keep the gap of 3-4 months and not more than that. Although sarees won’t have any fit issues but lehenga and cholis can be a matter of worry if you grow notably thin or otherwise. While purchasing/getting tailored made, make sure that your outfit has a little room for adjustments in case of last minute weight gain/loss.

The Ultimate 'Bridal Tip Sheet'-Clothes, Jewellery, Make-up, Grooming!

Setting up of a budget is very important when you shop, especially when shopping for your wedding. It would help you in narrowing down your search and also keep a check on impulsive buying.

The Ultimate 'Bridal Tip Sheet'-Clothes, Jewellery, Make-up, Grooming!

Know what you want: Before you go shopping, go with a clear frame of mind on what you want.

Do not get lured by discounts. This is one of the common mistakes people make. They plan for one thing but lured by the discounts, they end up buying something else only to regret later.

Stay away from too trendy designs/outfits as fashion keeps every day. The “In” thing that you purchase today is most likely to go out of fashion in another two years, giving your wedding photographs a very dated look.

Makeup & Jewellery:

The Ultimate 'Bridal Tip Sheet'-Clothes, Jewellery, Make-up, Grooming!

The most common mistake brides tend to make is that they apply too much of makeup. Instead of enhancing the facial features, they end up looking like clowns.

Lip color should be co-ordinated with the color of the blush. If not done so, blush appears too harsh.

For your makeup, always choose colors that are in harmony with your undertones.

While applying blush, do not go too far below the cheekbone, as it will pull the face down (visually). Also apply it in moderation and make sure you don’t end up having two rounds of clown like patches on your cheeks.

Jewellery is meant to enhance the dress, and not the other way round. Therefore, make sure you have bought your trousseau before buying your jewellery.

The Ultimate 'Bridal Tip Sheet'-Clothes, Jewellery, Make-up, Grooming!

Do not buy jewellery that is too trendy. It will give a very dated look in the photographs only few years later. Therefore it is advisable to stick to classic trends. This not only goes for jewellery but for clothes too.

Pre-wedding grooming:

External ornamentation is necessary, but equally important (sometimes more important) it is to indulge in pre-wedding grooming sessions that shows its effect only gradually. No amount of makeup can help you achieve your desired look unless you have a beautiful skin.

In your pursuit of having a perfect bridal makeup, keep the following tips in mind:

The Ultimate 'Bridal Tip Sheet'-Clothes, Jewellery, Make-up, Grooming!

  • Avoid eating oily food and drink lots of water to get a radiant skin. Regular exercising will also give you a healthy looking and glowing skin.
  • Visit a dermatologist to get your skin type identified. This will help you in buying right beauty/makeup products and keep you from having skin problems in the long run.
  • Do not rush out for facials just few days before the “Big” day. Especially to avoid are those extreme facial procedures as it lead to having a harsh effect on your skin.
  • Rehearse your makeup a day or two ahead of your wedding day to ensure that you are 100% happy with your look on the final day.

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