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Cakes 'n' Indian Weddings

Weddings are one the most important and exciting occasions in the Indian culture. An Indian wedding involves way more people than the Bride and the Groom and their immediate families. It involves the extended family, friends, colleagues, the entire neighborhood and the list goes on. From the moment the wedding is fixed, the first thing that is served to celebrate this news is something sweet.

The pleasure that sweets give us is considered divine, thus sweets are believed to be food of the Gods. The good news of a wedding is always accompanied by a huge bite of something sweet to make it auspicious. Sweets, therefore, happen to be the most important part of the traditional Indian wedding after the bride and groom of course!

The types of sweets, however, vary according to the culture and background, while Bengali's treat everyone with their special 'rasogullas', Punjabi's serve their famous 'halwa' and Muslims mark this special occasion with their traditional 'senviyan'. But one thing that is common in all cultures is having a 'Wedding Cake'. Although it is still considered to be an acquired 'western' concept, it is definitely something that induces a feeling of celebration and unity among all of us. Today, you can find exclusive, custom-made, beautiful wedding cakes just to add to the wonderful memories of your Big day.

The shift in trend from Mithais to confections is not recent. People are exposed to a lot more and want a wider range to choose from, whether it is the wedding invitation and the box of sweets to go along with it, the desserts at the pre-wedding ceremony or the wedding cake itself.

I would love a box of good mithai with a wedding invitation card but I would prefer a box of melt in your mouth 'Gianduja' truffles. Whatever you choose to give just has to be good!

We have a lot of clients asking for confections to go along with their wedding invitation cards. What needs to be kept in mind here is that the shelf life of the product should be good enough for your guests to be able to enjoy it, the taste of course should be mind-blowing! The most popular confection accompanying the wedding invitation that couples opt for these days are the 'Chocolate fudge Brownies' made with pure butter , real chocolate, lots chocolate chips and walnuts. Variations of this with only chocolate chips or peanut butter brownies are also popular.

I would also recommend Cupcakes with colorful marzipan flowers on paisley patterns or the bride and groom's initials on them - the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting or vanilla butter-cream are the most popular ones that we cater.

The wedding cake is something that I love creating - the couple or their families either provide us with an image of what they have in mind or give us a brief sketch of it on paper to work on. There is so much that one could do here, play with colors or stay with the traditional whites. I believe in a lot of color since our Indian weddings are so colorful. A pretty Orange and Fuschia Cake with gold paisley pattern and clusters of golden edged roses would absolutely compliment a traditional Indian wedding :)

A traditional pretty floral cascade on a White Cake with silver or gold accents or a more contemporary and fun option with colorful marzipan stripes and polka dots and the bride and groom holding their bottles of champagne as a toast to their new life, all hand made with marzipan could also be served as exclusive wedding cakes.

The options are endless- One could either opt for a traditional wedding cake or maybe go for an expressive one that is created narrating the couple's experiences and story so far. A wedding cake done recently had a couple sitting atop a bright red ambassador car with balloons behind - the rest of the tiered cake was made to look like a road with various cities significant to them as milestones. We like to create whatever you wish to have on your wedding cake and serve it as a master piece and beneath the artwork lies the choice between either a delicious chocolate truffle marzipan cake or a traditional yummy fruit cake to cut into.

All the cakes we do are custom made based on the couples inputs. There is also a catalogue with a variety of examples of wedding cakes that the couple can choose from, in case they need ideas to start with.

The Wedding cakes would normally cost anything between Rs.1300-1500/- per kg . These can, however, be made to fit your budget, taste and design.

I have been working on these cakes for the past 8 years and creating a beautiful wedding cake to add to the joy of a brand new start is the most satisfying experience for me, but what is even more rewarding is a message from my clients saying " It was the best! " :)

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