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Trousseau Planning for Brides- Making it a Fun Experience!

Trousseau Planning for Brides- Making it a Fun Experience!Most brides are confused about what should go into their 'trousseau'. It's not simply about purchasing a few Indian and few Western outfits, but about the bride's personal style, her future lifestyle, customization of outfits, wear-ability factor and much more. However, trousseau shopping doesn't have to be a stressful and chaotic task, rather it can be a relaxing and fun experience if you have the right guidance and help. This is where the role of 'Trousseau Planners' comes in. We spoke to Soojata Kothari, Founder, ALLAMODA, who has been designing custom made ensembles and exclusive bridal trousseaus for more than two decades. Here's what she had to say.......

Trousseau Planning for Brides- Making it a Fun Experience!Trousseau planning entails identifying the inherent style of the individual and redefining it to suit their lifestyle. This includes helping the bride/groom with every minute detail of their wedding clothes and also creating the right look for every occasion. We help clients with exciting shopping experiences through customized excursions that include personal introductions to exclusive boutiques, embroiderers and helping them with the entire process of personal wedding shopping. All this is done keeping in mind the client's budget, personality, skin tone, weight and features. All these elements go into building one's confidence in their overall look on one of the most important days of their life.

What I personally like to do is give my clients with shopping, the 'pulse' of the city. It's more than's about the overall experience. So if a client wants to stop and have the best roadside 'Pani Puri' in the city, that's exactly what we do!

One of the best options for brides to-be is to look through all of their mother's and grandmother's beautiful old sarees and other traditional wear before they start to plan their trousseau. These beautiful old pieces could easily be revamped and made into new outfits that match the bride's taste and look personal style. I personally love to use old borders, exquisite and pure fabrics and turn them into beautiful contemporary pieces for my clients.

Apart from clothes, it is also important to pay attention to accessorizing one's trousseau with belts, scarves, bags and jewellery. Good quality make-up and hair products that suit the bride's skin tone and hair type are also extremely important. For brides worried about that extra weight or feeling let down by their short height, we help you choose outfits and footwear that will help create a slimming effect and make you look taller!

Trousseau Planning for Brides- Making it a Fun Experience!

Working your way around with a trousseau planner is especially a great option for NRIs shopping in India. They are usually overwhelmed by their lack of knowledge of local stores and boutiques and the numerous options available. In such a situation they end up shopping without much attention to their personality and other details mentioned before and end up blowing up their entire budget on 2-3 outfits! So a trousseau planner also helps you shop intelligently by taking you around to the best vendors in the city.

Apart from shopping, trousseau packaging is also an important aspect of the overall planning process. Great outfits in shabby packaging is a big 'no no'. A trousseau planner ensures that your beautiful trousseau is packed in an elegant and exquisite way to proudly display to everyone!

About Soojata Kothari

Trousseau Planning for Brides- Making it a Fun Experience!Soojata Kothari, Founder, ALLAMODA, is an award-winning graduate of SNDT (Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic) college in Mumbai. She also has a bachelor's degree in fashion design from The American College in London. Soojata has been designing custom made ensembles and exclusive bridal trousseaus for more than two decades. She now brings her finely honed fashion sense and advice to the style conscious through ALLAMODA which offers unique custom made shopping/styling solutions that fit your lifestyle (anywhere in India). Website

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