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Silver Artifacts - A Beautiful Wedding Gift Option

Silver Artifacts-A Beautiful Wedding Gift Option

Deciding on a Wedding gift is always a tough decision, especially when you do not know the couple very closely. solved this dilemma by speaking to Abhinav Nayyar, CEO, VACCHI, who highlighted the option of gifting Silver Artifacts as a present to newly wed couples...

The concept of 'Wedding gifts' has really evolved in the last few years......your comments

Abhinav Nayyar : The concept of 'Wedding gifts' has exponentially evolved in the last few years, from gifting of traditional utility items like ceramic tea sets and dinner sets etc, trend has gone to new level of gifting ultra stylish sterling silver and imported silver coated products manufactured in countries like Italy and Germany. In the last decade, 925 Sterling silver products like silver bowls, glasses, tea/dinner sets etc, dominated the wedding gifts market by 90% as silver was obvious choice for anybody who looked for classy gift item for a newlywed couple.

Silver Artifacts-A Beautiful Wedding Gift Option

But due to recent sudden rise in price of silver, sterling silver products have gone out of pocket of majority of people. This has lead to beginning of latest trend of gifting pocket friendly imported silver coated artifacts and silver plated decorative & utility items, which newlywed couple can use to decorate their new personal space. These products looks exactly like silver and are very stylish, highly finished, durable and comes with Anti tarnish finish which makes them maintenance-free.

Silver Artifacts-A Beautiful Wedding Gift Option

What are the popular silver gift items that people look for when purchasing for a newly wed couple?

Abhinav Nayyar : Majority of people go for pure silver coins to contribute to financial security of marrying couple. Other than coins, people normally gift god idols like Ganesha to bless newlywed couple so they start their new phase of life with blessings of god of auspicious beginning. To gift a decorative product, people choose silver/silver plated picture frames, which a couple can use for decorating their memorable moments of wedding in their living room. Many consider modern candelabras and flower vases as they give very regal touch to ambiance of home. Other utility items like silver/silver plated jewellery boxes, bowls, trays, dinner set and tea sets are evergreen wedding gift items. Parents of marrying couple generally inquire about beautiful and unique silver/silver plated chocolate boxes to distribute along with wedding card to their relatives.

Silver Artifacts-A Beautiful Wedding Gift Option

What is a broad price range of silver gifting items?

Abhinav Nayyar : Pure Silver Coins starts from Rs 650/per 10 gms.
Sterling Silver gift Items starts from Rs 2,500 onwards.
Imported Silver coated gift items like God idols starts from Rs 3,000 onwards.

Silver plated gift items start from Rs 500 onwards

What are the points one should keep in mind while deciding on a wedding gift?

Abhinav Nayyar : Choosing a wedding gift needs lot of thinking. A perfect wedding gift is one which is made of precious and eternal metal like gold or silver which is considered auspicious and represents eternity of their new relation and should be usable by both which strengthens their bond of togetherness. At the start of a new life, receiving utility gifts like silver/silver plated bowls, trays etc help them in managing their daily chores. To embellish couple’s home, one can gift beautiful decorative items like T-lights, figurines etc. In case of silver, according to last three year’s record, it has given tremendous returns on investment and now it is considered as serious investment option, so gifting anything made of pure silver also acts as anchor for couple’s financial security. Before buying any silver gifts, purchaser should ask for certificate of authenticity. Certificate plays an important role in buying genuine Italian products as many made in china items are in market, which are selling under fake Italian brand names. For 925 Sterling silver products and 999 silver coins, checking certificate of purity is must. Same goes for silver plated products as market is flooded with nickel plated products which shopkeepers are selling by misrepresenting them as silver plated products.

What is a brief difference between your Italian range, sterling silver and silver plated collections?

The Italian range consists of imported 999 silver coated artifacts which are of extremely high quality with spotless finish. These are manufactured in Italy with world’s best technology and are specially imported for people who understand master craftsmanship. Italian products are majorly bought for home decoration or gifting to close relative or to CEO’s of companies.

Silver Artifacts-A Beautiful Wedding Gift Option

Concept behind launching our designer sterling silver collection was to cater to an unrecognized demand from connoisseurs of art who wanted something aesthetic which is made of precious metal like silver. So instead of making traditional items of silver, we ventured into making aesthetic silver art.

Our silver plated collection consists of gifts for every occasion like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc. These gifts are very easy on pocket with good quality and come with very impressive packaging.

Inputs by - Abhinav Nayyar, CEO, VACCHI- Makes you Feel Special


Silver Artifacts-A Beautiful Wedding Gift OptionEstablished in 2007, by the dynamic and diligent couple Mr. Abhinav Nayyar & Mrs. Esha Nayyar, Vacchi has given a new definition to the utility of silver in the form of fine art & has created its own clientele, consisting of who’s who of India’s rich and famous, which has seen best available in this artistic world. Masterpieces by Vacchi are designed for the people looking for value in design, material and craftsmanship. Each art piece with story of its own, is crafted by expert artisans & conforms to the international quality standards. Just like an art painting, idea behind each and every art piece is unique and innovative. Vacchi, is now a well known brand in the field of aesthetic silver object d'art, has a wide range of stunning and sparkling collection made of silver.

Website , Facebook Page ,Image Courtesy : VACCHI

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