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Guide to purchasing Bridal Jewellery - Autumn/Winter 2012

Jewellery is the ultimate deciding factor that could elevate your final Bridal look and make you look like the princess you had always dreamt of since you were a little girl. But the time is here, and you are thoroughly confused as to what you would like to buy - something traditional or modern? Where to buy your jewellery from? How much to invest? What is the latest trend? Is the jewellery certified? ....

Relax, take a deep breath as Mr. Vikram Raizada, Executive Director & CEO (Retail), Tara Jewels Ltd, answers these questions for you...

Guide to purchasing Bridal Jewellery - Autumn/Winter

Guide to purchasing Bridal Jewellery - Autumn/WinterWhat is your take on jewellery as a part of Indian culture as far as weddings go?

In my opinion, Indian weddings and jewellery are inextricably linked and it almost appears to be in the Indian DNA! Right from the birth of a child, traditionally parents start investing in jewellery for a future marriage. This jewellery is then passed on from one generation to another - as heirloom or as gifts.

Whatever may be the case, my belief is that in the Indian culture, wedding jewellery is fundamentally a symbol of prosperity and safety ‘packaged’ with sentiment and emotion. It would not be an exaggeration to say that when families in India start planning for a wedding, jewellery is almost the very first major item budgeted for!

Guide to purchasing Bridal Jewellery - Autumn/WinterWhat is the Jewellery Trend Forecast for the Autumn-Winter Bride?

Bridal jewellery this Fall-Winter witnesses contemporary designs incorporated with classic influences though the use of textures and embellishments. Bold stand-alone pieces are making a comeback this bridal season with oversized cuffs, rings and medallions in bright colored stones. Diamond jewellery with emerald, amethyst and turquoise embellishments define the mood this bridal season.

There are a whole lot of developments in the wedding jewellery designing front. In my opinion contemporary brides are more open to exploring different finishes, shapes and motifs.

This wedding season, brides are seen to be exploring diamond shapes beyond rounds including marquise and princess cuts. Different finishes are being explored including pink gold and black rhodium. Even traditional motifs such as the peacock and elephant head are being given a contemporary touch. There is also a trend towards wearing single bold pieces which enable the bride to present herself differently.

Guide to purchasing Bridal Jewellery - Autumn/Winter

Guide to purchasing Bridal Jewellery - Autumn/WinterIs 'Heavy traditional jewellery' still the norm for a bride? Are contemporary designs in jewellery in demand?

In my opinion the Indian bride appears to be evolving in her tastes. She is a bride who has spent months choosing the prefect bridal look for herself- right from her bridal dress to her make-up and hairstyle etc. Given this, jewellery is more than just a bridal ornament for her; it is an extension of her personality on her wedding day.

Guide to purchasing Bridal Jewellery - Autumn/WinterThis means if she is a lady who doesn't believe in chunky pieces, she wouldn't opt for one just because it’s her wedding. Instead, she may choose 3-4 different pieces that she could wear for different pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding ceremonies. And following her wedding, the same jewellery could compliment various traditional and non-traditional looks!

And that’s not all, in my opinion, brides also appear to be moving towards diamond bridal jewellery as a classy option. The Indian wedding jewellery is largely confined to bangles, necklaces, finger rings, waist bands, toe-rings, maang tikas, nose rings and so on- but the designs are becoming more contemporary and a bride can choose from these contemporary pieces.

Contemporary designs will allow her to use the jewellery more often even after the wedding day. Interestingly today a variety of ‘interchangeable’ jewellery pieces are available and can be quite versatile - for example at Tara, we have a maang-tika that can also be worn as a pendant!

Guide to purchasing Bridal Jewellery - Autumn/WinterAny tips for jewellery purchase?

In my opinion investment is still one of the most important factors in the purchase of jewellery. Therefore when buying jewellery, regardless of whether it is gold or diamond, she needs to look for appropriate certification to ensure long term value.

For diamond jewellery, this should ideally be from a third party independent gem lab. Similarly gold jewellery should ideally be Hallmarked.

Image Courtesy: Tara Jewellers

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