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The Pre-Wedding Shoot....Bollywood 'Ishtyle'!

With the marriage season around the corner, that once in a life time moment needs to be preserved and cherished forever. The magic of capturing the 'chaotic' fun during the preparation time prior to the wedding, the emotions of the bride and groom and all family members and putting it in a video for them to watch and share smiles for years to come - yes...that's what we call smart use of technology. So get a 'videographer' on board for your upcoming wedding as these fun times will never come back. They shoot you while you have a blast and the result is nothing less than a brilliant hindi (bollywood ishtyle) movie!

The Pre-Wedding Shoot....Bollywood 'Ishtyle'!The pre-wedding introduction of the to-be 'man and wife' is a recommended must-have this wedding season. It comprises of one-on-one interviews with them and their families that will bring out the magic of the romance that led to ......'Will you marry me??'

The Pre-Wedding Shoot....Bollywood 'Ishtyle'!Sounds interesting, doesn't it? And it definitely is! Ask the couples who have shot for them, they end up losing all inhibitions and start enjoying the whole process of talking about their story, their 'first dates', the journey of getting to know each other, those 'first family meetings' and the list ever ends! You could almost call it a digital documentation of their feelings.

A Pre-wedding shoot is a compilation of candid images and scenes shot with the help of professional camera persons and photographers. It captures the couple in a natural setting which highlights their chemistry and love. It's a video that you can flaunt and emotions to be remembered for years to come.

But what is important here is to choose a professional who understands the entire business really well and who makes it comfortable for the couple to sit and talk so that he/she can decide how to go about shooting their pre-wedding video. Every video is not the same because every couple has a different story to tell. So the initial meetings and discussions with the photographer/videographer are important for the shoot to go smoothly.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot....Bollywood 'Ishtyle'! The FUN part! The Pre-Wedding Shoot....Bollywood 'Ishtyle'!

Typically, a pre-wedding shoot captures the humour and the masti of the dance rehearsals. All the cousins, friends and other family members make the video come alive with their hilarious acts and add the perfect masala to it! Here is also a chance for you, dear Bride, to tell the world how your husband-to-be proposed to you.... let that day come alive cinematically and play it out on your Sangeet night. It may bring out some tears in your loved ones' eyes and a lot of 'Awwwww's from your friends.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot....Bollywood 'Ishtyle'!

There are a variety of pre-wedding shoot styles that you can choose from- “FUN WITH PROPS” “Fairy tale pre-wed shoot” and “Dancing on Bollywood numbers” among others. Treat yourself to a luxurious shoot that you can treasure for life. Feel like a star, bring out the actress in you, as it's your day and you have what it takes to be the Diva Bride for your almost 'Prince-like' Groom. *wink wink*

Photo Courtesy: Ajay Rawat and Ravnish Gandhi

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