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Sister of the Bride

Writing about my sister and our relationship is probably one of the hardest things to do. I'm sure all sisters would agree to that. It's that indescribable bond and connection. It's the confidence of always being there for each other and going against the world to protect each other's interest. My sister is my best friend. We were made to share a room from the time we were kids and hated it till the time we grew up and couldn't imagine being apart. We learnt to love each other for our rights' & wrongs'. I really thank my parents for playing a huge role in building a strong foundation for our relationship to develop into what it is today.

The day I was born, my sister took me into her arms and refused to let anyone touch me. All her things which nobody was allowed to share automatically became mine. The unusual fact about our relationship is that I simply don't remember having any earth shattering or hair-pulling fights ever. We had our disagreements and hang ups but we always managed our way out of it without much intervening from our parents because we simply couldn't afford to lose out on all the fun moments that we shared together.

Honestly, the thought of my sister getting married was something I always tried to ignore because for me there was no other normal way of living than this. Sharing clothes, going out for coffee conversations, shopping endlessly and simply talking our hearts out..imagine changing all of that! I wasn't ready to share her with anyone! But I guess everything falls into place as we move ahead with life. Today I adore my brother-in-law as much as I adore my sister. Ok, that's an exaggeration..hehee..but yes I think he is one of the nicest people I've come across. I couldn't imagine a guy fitting into our Girl Gang ! My mom, my sister and I were quite a strong group to break into! But he managed to sway us girls with his charm and charismatic talk.

My sister had a courtship of two years by which time her fiance had become a loving (and loved) member of our family. It's true that initially it took time for me to get used to him' coming along for our weekend outings and joining us for our coffee conversations. But his affection and love for my sister as well as for the rest of us completely changed my feelings and attitude towards this new relationship. I was so happy to see my sister experiencing all the beautiful things that the world of true love offers.

The wedding itself was a BIZARRE event! Punjabis and weddings are a volcanic combination . It's all about DRESSING, DRINKING, DANCING & DHOLAKS . All evenings were spent shopping, all nights were spent practicing our dance routines and culminating into a family drinking and joking session. In the process I had almost forgotten that my sister was about to leave and that these were her last few days with us.

Her mehendi night was the first time that we both talked about her leaving as we were in bed getting ready to sleep. The henna on her hands and legs was the first indication of her becoming a bride and starting a new life! It hit a chord and all emotions came flooding out, my sister had suddenly grown up!

The Kalira' ceremony in the morning was the second big hit. She looked like a little kid to me sitting there and getting the chuda' on her hand. In my mind, nothing had changed. I wished at that point that life could just stand still or we could go back to just live one day of our childhood.

The 'big day' arrived and as we had all hoped, all went off smoothly.. My sister was happy and so was the entire family. I was least prepared to let out any tears till the point my sister left the house.. After the wedding I went up to my room to see it half empty..yes..she had left for good..I finally had my own' room but this time I wanted one that I could share..with her..

  • just love the blog..sister of the bride. I am sorry for sharing it in my facebook wall without being permitted as I couldn't resist to do so.

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