Wedding Albums & Photos

1. How many albums can i create ?
You can create unlimited number of albums. You can have an album for your engagement, one for your bachelor party and so on. However we do have a limit on the number of photos that you can upload.As a free user you can upload a maximum of 100 photos only. If however, you wish to share more, you can always upgrade your plan. Click here to see our plans.
2. How many photos can i upload ?
This varies according to the plan you have applied to. For free websites we have a limit of 100 pictures. If however you wish to share more pictures, you can always upgrade your plan. Click here to know of our plans.
Silver account - 50 photos
Gold account - 250 photos
Platinum account - Unlimited photos
3. I have already uploaded my photos on facebook / picasa, can i import them ?
Yes, you can. In the "Albums" section of your wedding site, you will find a link to import photos from Facebook and Picasa. Click here to see a how.