Things to do

Share your story in pages / blogs section
Even though some of your guests will know both the bride and the groom, several may only know one or the other. A wedding website will allow you to share a bit about yourselves and how you met. You will also have the opportunity to let the groom shine by sharing the story of how he proposed. :)
Add Events
Update events like 'Reception','Sangeet' in the 'Events' section. With online maps at your disposal, it wont be hard for your guests to reach the location on time.
Upload Invitation card / create e-invitation card
Upload and share your wedding card and make your invite look more personal and traditional. In case you dont have a scanned copy of your card, you can create an e-invitation card and share it with your friends.
Upload photos / import from facebook.
Upload images in your personalized wedding photo albums. Crop them, tag them .. liven them !!!. You can also password protect your photos. In case you have already uploaded photos in facebook you can import them into your wedding site.
Planner Section
Consider the 'Planner Section' as your online wedding assistant.
a. Checklist: Scribble down your 'to-do' list on this personalised checklist and with SMS and email reminders we assure you never forget !
b. Budget Calculator: This calculator helps you keep a watch on your spendings up to your 'W-Day' !
Password protect your site in case you dont want it to be publicly accessible.
In case you dont want to keep your wedding site public .. you can password protect it. Only people who have that password can access your site.
Start saving imp dates ..
Start saving important dates related to your wedding like 'when you met for the first time' .. We will send you an sms and email reminder next year.
Manage guest list online
Manage your guest list online. With SMS and email updates integrated keep your guests updated with the happenings.
Your guests will certainly want to share their excitement about your wedding with you before the big day. Reading their thoughts and well wishes will not only keep you inspired during the planning process, but also it will keep you smiling for years to come.
After the Wedding
Wedding sites are not only great to announce your wedding and provide details about what is coming up, but they are just as important to provide information and photos after your wedding. You know everyone is waiting for you to bring your wedding album over so why make them wait? Simply upload some photos online and let them enjoy sooner rather than later. You can also update your website with honeymoon photos and comments; everyone will love to hear about your trip.