Membership Options

We offer four types of memberships - Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium. Here is a quick comparison of the four.
Silver Membership
Example wedding site : Sample site
Features include Photo Albums,Guestbook,Events (mark on map),Wedding Blog,Online Guest list,SMS & Email updates for Guests,Invitation Card,Wishlist and many more … Click here to view complete list.
Limitations : Validity is 3 months. Limit of 100 photos, 100 SMS updates only, and No planner section. Of course, the free memberships is good enough to flaunt wedding announcements on the Web World.
Gold Membership
A Gold account is for Rs. 1499 per year. Along with the features mentioned above, a Gold account will have a validity of 1 year along with additional features like planner section, an increased limit on the number of photos and sms updates to guests etc.
Platinum Membership
Along with the features mentioned above .. every Platinum member gets the following additional features ..
  1. A unique .COM address for their wedding website .. e.g
  2. Priority Support
  3. Unlimited Photos
  4. Unlimited SMS
  5. Planner Section.
  6. Access your planner section from your android / iphone. Each Platinum account would cost Rs 2499 per year. In case the couple does not want to extend the Platinum account beyond the first year, they can request a backup CD of all the images and other data uploaded on their wedding website.
Titanium Membership
This is going to be your wedding site genie!!. Custom Designed wedding website matching the theme of your wedding, colours,templates of your choice. However, we create custom designs for select high-profile wedding clients only. Already excited, contact us to know what more you can avail of, and give that ultra-personal touch to your Wedding.