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Ayesha - Somaya

Ayesha-Somaya is a luxury women's wear designer label best known for their Haute Couture, Pret-e-Porter, cocktail and smart casual wear. The brand was established in 2008 by the entrepreneurial duo of Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan, who teamed up to fuse their individual creative styles and respective backgrounds in textile to introduce a combination of detail, luxury and tailoring within their eponymous label. Indeed, Ayesha-Somaya's work is constantly evolving within an ethos which is focused on feminity and elegance, interpreted both within the Eastern and Western aesthetic. The brand is currently retailed out of a flagship studio in Karachi and is available nationwide at leading multi-brand stores and worldwide via online store at Ayesha-Somaya's design philosophy is based on versatility and glamour with a clear focus on creating outfits to make each woman feel beautiful in whatever she wears. Only five years old, the brand encapsulates diversity within their collections range, which includes Pret Wear, Haute Couture and Cocktail to Smart Casual Wear (BASICS) along with an annual collection of Designer Lawn. The team works in tandem to complement each other's strengths, where Ayesha focuses on ready to wear collections and Somaya on couture and operations, thus also bringing in her experience from her role as a Managing Director at Brands Just Pret, a leading multi-brand store with outlets across Karachi and Dubai. The Ayesha-Somaya Design Studio and Flagship Store is based at 13-C, 1st Sunset Commercial Street, Phase 4, DHA, Karachi. The brand is also stocked at Brands Just Pret stores in Karachi, Dubai and Abu Dhabi; Fashion Pakistan Lounge in Lahore, Concepteurs Lounge in Peshawar, House of Pashu in Multan, Labels in Faisalabad, Bia Galleria in Riyadh and Elan by Salima in Atlanta. Details of international representatives in Chicago and Houston are available on request.
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