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Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari Indian Bridal wear designer Pakistan’s King of Colour, Nomi Ansari graduated from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (affiliated with La Chamber Syndicate de la Parisienne, France) with a strong set of skills in couture development. Nomi Ansari has changed the way women dress in Pakistan by encouraging them to trust colour; he has given them the confidence to mix and match contrasting separates in their wardrobes to create one coherent look. Established in 2001, the Nomi Ansari Studio has evolved to house four major brands: Nomi Ansari Brides, Nomi Ansari Occasion Wear, DNA (Diffusion by Nomi Ansari) and Bubbles.The attention to detail, the colour contrasting and the delicate zardozi and crystal embellishment remains a trademark that is never compromised. The Nomi Ansari Studio has been catering to a high profile, celebrity clientele for over a decade.
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