Seeking Paradise

An emotion, a feeling, a touch, an escape from reality. Its where all the cosmic energies come together to create a divine heaven and you know deep within, it is here. Designed within the ecstasy of this utopia, the shapes and silhouettes take on a beautiful fluidity. These were then ensconced in soft powder blues, blush, whimsical creams and fresh corals, which accentuate the impossible lightness and tenuity of these delicately crafted designs. The doorway to paradise is at the genesis of the concept and used as the leitmotif. Many other symbolic motifs like the intricately carved arches and jaal windows, with the key-to-paradise and the Flowers of Eden are seen floating throughout this ethereal collection. This season, Anju Modi takes you on a quest through her imaginary wonderland, through time, matter, space and the labors of love, interwoven within her soul and her quietest thoughts.

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Anju Modi

Anju Modi has been an integral part of the Indian Fashion Industry right from its nascent stages. Having started her label in the 1980’s, she has worked in the industry for 25 creative years. She has been a quiet but strong force in the vehement increase in growth, awareness and potential of fashion in India. A revered couturier, her designs have been incensed with passion, romance and seduction. The label ‘Anju Modi’ is synonymous to beauty, panache and elegance, which over the past two decades has mesmerized all ardent followers of fashion.

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