A woman of multiplicity, Draupadi is an embodiment of the empowered Indian woman. Her portrayal through the pages of the Mahabharata epitomizes the multi-faceted nature of a woman, and with her as the compelling inspiration for the Couture collection, Anju Modi brings alive her tale as it unfolds act-by-act. The beauty and charm possessed by Draupadi is unveiled as the stage sets for the opulent "Marriage to Pandavas", with celebratory colors like crimsons, caramels, tamarinds and golds accentuate the romanticism and the magnificence. Transitioning to the "Game of Dice" where shades of Ash Grey , Indigo Blue , Brutal Maroon reflect the dilemma and chaos echoing within Draupadi. The showcase culminates with Draupadi’s "Devotion" towards Lord Krishna, and subtle, delicate shades of faune, blush and ivory resonate the ethereal bond. Delving into the myriad that is her, Anju Modi imbibes her purity, her passion, her fire and compassion, forging a collection that will bring dramatically to life her legendary beauty & elegance.

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Anju Modi

Anju Modi has been an integral part of the Indian Fashion Industry right from its nascent stages. Having started her label in the 1980’s, she has worked in the industry for 25 creative years. She has been a quiet but strong force in the vehement increase in growth, awareness and potential of fashion in India. A revered couturier, her designs have been incensed with passion, romance and seduction. The label ‘Anju Modi’ is synonymous to beauty, panache and elegance, which over the past two decades has mesmerized all ardent followers of fashion.

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