Paris-trained couturier Nadya Mistry’s meditative bridal capsule ‘Stardust’ for Pantene Bridal Couture Week seeks inspiration from the spellbinding impact of ‘superstars’: Rock legends, movie icons and other high-fliers who literally aim for and reach the stars. The collection is buoyed by a cosmopolitan mélange of linear and body-con East-West couture silhouettes melded from sumptuous Mysore silk and Jamavar in vivid hues, ranging from white, silver, marigold yellow and dark gold; to bottle green, turquoise, electric blue, shocking pink, deep plum and black and patterned with traditional paisley and exotic flora and fauna: regal peacocks and elephants and free-spirited butterflies and humming-birds. The artisanal designer speckles this concoction with sparkly sequins and shiny Swarovski crystals to create a bold, ethereal and celestial medley aspiring for superstardom.

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Nadya Mistry

Exoticism, edginess and experimentation are the design qualities one associates with leading Pakistani fashion designer Nadya Mistry, one of Fashion’s most innovative creatures who began her momentous fashion career in 1997 after receiving a BA in Fashion Designing (Stylisme et Modelisme) from the prestigious L.I.S.A.A. (L.Institut Superieur des Arts Appliques), Paris, in 1995 where she was selected as one of the top students by a jury headed by design visionary Paco Rabanne. The Nadya Mistry fashion house comprises myriad labels including the high-end and quasi-traditional couture ‘Nadya Mistry Paris/Karachi’; the luxury prêt, über-colorful and out-of-the-box‘Future par Nadya Mistry’; the sumptuous wedding line, ‘Nadya Mistry Bridals’ and the menswear bespoke ‘Mistry MAN’. Delving into her rich cultural heritage, the visionary classicist introduced a line of hand-woven silk fabric; all of which is now readily accessible to the international fashion arena and the export market. Nadya Mistry is regularly featured in leading fashion glossies and is a keen fashion commentator for the broadcast media in Pakistan and has presented her well-received collections in Karachi, Lahore, Delhi, Dhaka, Paris, London, Houston, Dubai, and Moscow and Delhi. Nadya Mistry’s client base is eclectic and far-reaching with private clients and retail presence in cities as diverse as Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manchester, London, New Delhi, Dubai Milan, Paris, Cape Town and Sydney, amongst others.

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