JADE Bridal Heirlooms, Collection Vermillion, Collection Kalash, Collection Jewel, JADE Sarees, Diffusion Line

JADE Bridal Heirlooms is our endeavor to bring to life the celebration that is India. Each piece is redolent of India’s splendor and heritage. It is our tribute to India, a tribute that every jade bride can cherish forever. Collection Vermilion - The colors of India, its diversity, traditions and mystery are the inspirations behind vermillion. Traditional Indian motifs from varied origins, hand worked on painstakingly to bring alive each vermilion bridal heirloom. Collection Kalash - Said to contain ‘amrit’ the auspicious ‘kalash’ is a symbol of abundance, wisdom and immortality. Hues of gold, silver, copper and bronze come together in stunning harmony recreating the surface of the ‘kalash’. Collection Jewel - Jewel is the signature collection designed for the modern day princess. The collection brings to life the glory and splendour, reminiscent of the era of the Maharajas. JADE Sarees - At JADE the saree collection is worked on with the respect this age old garment deserves. Each subtle fold considered only to enhance the beauty of this elegant garment. Diffusion Line - The diffusion line floats out a structured collection with acute emphasis on detailing and a deceptive sense of form. The textures are sophisticated and there is a strong play of contrasts and surfaces in closed and open forms, essential construction in deep but luminous colours.

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JADE by Monica & Karishma

Jade, a plush boutique synonymous with discreet luxury and dynamic harmony, by designers Monica Shah and Karishma Swali. Jade vibrates with energy and a non conformist attitude. The Jade woman resonates with energy and leads the way with a soft and relaxed elegance.While Monica is a qualified interior designer and a graduate in fashion from St. Martin’s, London, Karishma graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Both began their careers with the family fashion business – travelling extensively as they kept a watchful eye on the evolving world of fashion. They have designed for top fashion houses for over a decade and carved a niche for innovative, trend setting, technically sound research ideas the world over.

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