Mehr-Un-Nisa: Woman Resonated

Mehr-un-Nisaâ pays tribute to the royals of India. Also known to be the Mughal empress Nurjehan’s original birth name, Mehr-un-Nisa directly translates to ‘the sun of women’. The brilliance of femininity that resonates in the portrayal of India’s blue-blooded queens and princesses forms the basis of this collection. With gorgeously patterned, and vividly colourful Bagh work, Mehr-un-Nisa exhibits some exquisite embroidery and intricately patterned designs that are reminiscent of the maharanas and emperors of India. The bright shades of clothing celebrate the larger-than-life persona the royals garner in our hearts. Nurjehan was a woman unlike any other in her times. She refused to be treated like any other wife of a king, and her arrogance, her pride and her charisma all inadvertently became part of the regal air she exuded at the court. The ability of a woman to stand out as a sun does in the endless, cloudless skies is brilliantly explored through this collection. Mehr-un-Nisa rejoices in the virtue of difference, in the belief that every woman is a queen in her own right.

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Rivaayat by Meera - Rohit

RIVAAYAT BY MEERA ROHIT is a fashion house offering an exquisite collection of ethnic Indian clothing and jewellery. Our designs evoke the rich heritage of India's exuberant culture and intricate craftsmanship. We at RIVAAYAT create designs that reflect the palatial past of India, blended with the modernity of the present. RIVAAYAT emblemises a unique sense of style inspired by grandeur of royal India, a quality mirrored with spectacular expertise in its exclusive jewelry. Ranging back to the tinkling amulets and anklets worn by tribals of ancient India, to the ornamental neckpieces majestically adorned by the royals - jewellery from RIVAAYAT pays a heartfelt, aesthetic tribute to the years of thoughtful precision and intrinsic technique of Indian craftsmen. RIVAAYAT is 'tradition unfurled' indeed; designers at RIVAAYAT breathe life into the age-old traditions that colour Indian heritage through the large variety of historical arts and crafts. The lustrous Bagh Phulkari from rural Punjab in Pakistan, the eye-catching mirror-work from Gujrat, the intricate Zari work from Hyderabad, the bright Gota embroidery from Rajasthan - the array of artistic variation elucidates the all-encompassing pathway of RIVAAYAT's journey. It spans across time and space to weave the magnificent heritage of ancient Hindustan in its clothing and jewellery.

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