Gunjan & Rahul

In a world where brides-to-be are spoilt for choice in terms of trousseau and looks, Gunjan Arora and Rahul Jain with their label "Gunjan & Rahul" see the ones who think outside of the available choices. Unconventional colors for trousseau make the first effective impression and with unusual and modern embroideries their work becomes a language that few Brides to be like to speak. Developing the fresh techniques using ingenious materials like fabric strips and hand cut metal sheets to embellish their designs gives every piece a statement like character. They are known to always treat their fabrics with layers of treatment like surface textures and innovative dyeing details.

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Rahul & Gunjan

The duo with 14 year of experience on national and international level bring with them a lot of commitment, magnificence of art and craft to provide their exquisite collection. This amalgamation has proved to be great success world over that too with some of the world’s best labels. Designing is more of creativity which enhances the life style of the consumer. They are committed to excel in next level of expansion jointly and have set its sights on setting new benchmarks with its creativity and implementation keeping in mind brilliant style, yet affordable.

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