Royal Military

The 'Royal Military' collection being launched by Nickie Nina at the Pakistani Fashion Design Council (PFDC) Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 is distinct and unique, yet intensely personal.The color palette is diverse and taken from traditional military shades along with an assortment of military insignia, medals and badges.In a subliminal fashion, the Nickie Nina Royal Military collection is also an ode to the strength which lies dormant within all women. The collection salutes women of all ages and from all professions, congratulating them for their innate strength and applauding their inner powers. While Nickie Nina are known for their sleek silhouettes and flowing clothes, this collection is a complete diversion from their well known design sensibility: the silhouette is more structured,the lines more straight and rigid and the embellishments even more detailed than before.

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Nickie & Nina

Nickie and Nina are two sisters with an indisputable flair for fashion who together form the impressive team behind the Lahore based house of haute couture and pret a porter. Nickie and Nina have a historic relationship with fashion in Pakistan and launched the eponymous luxury brand label Nickie Nina in 2000 with the critically acclaimed millennium show in Lahore. The dynamic duo is also one of the founding members of the prestigious Pakistan Fashion Design Council and opened their first two Fashion Weeks in Lahore and Karachi in 2010. Today Nickie and Nina are recognized both within the country and internationally as among the most distinguished pioneers of women's fashion in Pakistan.

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