Past into Present

It's past turning into present, rustic into chic and hand techniques into digital. Rina Dhaka revisited the Indian design iconography to lend to it a rich dose of her signature oomph. Rina Dhaka takes heritage forward, enriching it with her inimitable style and soft, sensual appeal. She travels through India, extensively using intricate tribal embroidery from the regions of Bhuj and some made in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh re-arranging them in her New Delhi atelier. According to Rina, “Every stone you touch in this country turns into gold. Every hand-craft has a story to tell. My collection for the winter of 2012 simply fast tracks Indian influences to a lyrical yet modern realm.” Tribal motifs and the vibrant mirror work of Bhuj get recreated in the form of prints as Rina superimposes them with a vintage looking lattice motif in sequin. Dreamy chiffons combine with cotton tulle, nets and satin to blend in fitted forms with controlled volume. A sense of transparency with decorous highlights in thread embroidery gives the collection its peekaboo appeal.

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Rina Dhaka

Rina Dhaka is a fashion designer, who made a promising entry in the Indian fashion scene around late eighties, and from there on she became the most creative and dynamic fashion designer India has ever witnessed. Currently she is known more for her innovative textile skills in Indian wear and her international sensibilities for western outfits. She has been a dreamer ever since her childhood and this has translated into her style of work. She is best known for stand out elements of a collection, western wear remains an area of dominance though she also designs ethnic and conventional ensembles. Her designs juggle between remaining traditionally rich while embracing contemporary attitude.

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