Maya – an illusion, a fantasy is Anju Modi’s inspiration this season. Each person is surrounded by illusion that is believed to be the truth. In Indian religions, Maya has various meanings; some see it as epiphany and others as true but not the ultimate truth. The fact of its appearance as a phenomenon is the designer’s inspiration. This collection beautifies the grandeur of the Mughal epoch, when Maya was believed to be the only truth. The era is still considered to be ostentatious. The collection has been spectacularly captured in royal blue infused with ivory and black with a dash of maroon. The royal magnificence has been miraculously presented in Mughal Angrakhas with draped pants, layered tunics, saree’s, lehengas all made out of Varansi brocades, velvets, net and tissues. The fabrics are porous and have a loud drop. Each and every detail has been well examined to go along with the collection, hence rejuvenating the beauty, style, art, craft, music and richness of the majestic eon.

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Anju Modi

Anju Modi has been an integral part of the Indian Fashion Industry right from its nascent stages. Having started her label in the 1980’s, she has worked in the industry for 25 creative years. She has been a quiet but strong force in the vehement increase in growth, awareness and potential of fashion in India. A revered couturier, her designs have been incensed with passion, romance and seduction. The label ‘Anju Modi’ is synonymous to beauty, panache and elegance, which over the past two decades has mesmerized all ardent followers of fashion.

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